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Nursery-kindergarten Nr.5 was established in 1973.
In 1983 the institution has got the name „Gandrelis".
In 1992 the nursery-kindergarten was reorganised to the school-kindergarten. 5 primary classes were opened. In Utena district the first group for children with special needs „Kregždžiukai" started to work.
1995-2000 participation in the project „Democratisation of pre-school education system" financed by Open Lithuania and Egmont Peterson fund.
In 1999 established Childhood Pedagogical Centre.
In 2010 - award of Education and Science Ministry „The best cleared territory among pre-school education institutions in 2010". The institution was reorganised to the nursery-kindergarten.


AIM – to meet the individual needs of children, to foster all their capacities developing the necessary competences of cognition, knowledge, creativeness and health.
1. To give children including those with special needs the qualitative pre-school and pre-primary education by necessary programs;
2. To provide children and their parents (tutors) the complex aid, social support and health care services;
3. To meet the children' needs of cognition, development and self-education;
4. To ensure healthy and safe environment for developing.
Educational programs are implemented:
1. Pre-school (self)development program;
2. General pre-primary (self)education program;
3. Programs adapted to the children with special needs;
4. International program of developing social and emotional skills „Friends of Zippy" (for pre-primary schoolchildren);
5. Program of families' education.
The council of school is composed from 3 parents, 3 educators and 3 non-pedagogical workers and they are solving the actual problems of community.

Distinction of institution:
- the help for children with special needs of developing and their families is given from 1992;
- the experience of implementing international projects (1999-2003);
- the Arts' room is working for exhibiting and expressing the natural artistic abilities;
- the spacious territory in 2010 is certified as one of the best cleared among Lithuanian children education institutions;
- the nursery-kindergarten is located in the edge of the city, by the lake, pinery and resting zone.


A professional team of specialists is helping the children:
Psychologist is giving the individual consultations for children and their families facing the different problems (communication, behaviour, too big fears and so on), strengthens the psychological immunity of children and motivates the creation of environment that is safe and friendly for development;
Special pedagogue (speech therapist) helps children having speech and communication disorders;
Special pedagogue helps children with special needs to adapt, to develop by their capacities and educational possibilities;
Social pedagogue assures the security of children, helps families of children to solve their social problems cooperating with services giving the social aid, health care institutions, she consults parents, tutors and pedagogues;
Physical therapist cures the children by reconstructive and rehabilitation means like movement, exercising, massages the children trying to ameliorate muscular tonicity, spinal position, develop the balance and coordination;
Dietician surveys the good health and condition of children;
Safe and functional environment is created for children having special needs: there is a hall for physical therapy, the specialists are working in separate rooms with proper equipment.

In our institution are educated the children from 1 to 6 years old. Each group of children is supervised by two educators and an assistant. Two music educators are training children's musical skills. Teacher's assistants help children with disabilities to integrate into the collective.

„Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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